Sonic Bloom

by The Hoa Hoa's

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Released in 2008 on Optical Sounds. 14 tracks. The Hoa Hoa's are from Toronto Canada.


released July 12, 2008

on Optical Sounds



all rights reserved


The Hoa Hoa's Toronto, Ontario

The Hoa Hoa's,formed in 2004 in Kensington Market Toronto,Canada.
Influenced by psych pop/shoegaze/rock and roll.
Helped start Optical Sounds records with The Disraelis in 2008
Members of The Hoa Hoa's also play in The Saffron Sect and B-17.
Band members are Lee Brochu,Richard Gibson,Femke Berkhout,Calvin Brown.
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Track Name: Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket

You’ve got a yellow jacket,
But you’ve got no place to wear it.
You wanted to go out dancing,
But I wanted to stay at home ,,, stay home ,,, with you.

Red, blue I can see through,
Cause that was born in you.
And you wanted to go out,
But I wanted to keep on ,,, well you know ,,, I wanted to keep on ,,, well keep on ,,, dancing.

Doesn’t make a bloody difference,
So cool is it when I feel you.
So where are your little rock shoes,
for the light it radiates ,,, it so ,,, all around ,,, well you know ,,, all around ...
Red white and blue,
Stars so bright in you.
And I still really see you,
In every color shining through.
I believe in you.

There’s nothing really ever happening,
Might as well just be laughing.
There’s nothing ever going on,
Might as well be shining on.
I believe in you.
Track Name: The List

The best band that I’ve heard in a while was on the tele.
They were doing it there for some commercial.
Don’t you know our spirit is coming back.
‘Cause we’re all guided … by voices.

The beatles are the rolling stones in our dreams.
The brian jonestown, they took up the space man.
The sixties everything velvet underground.
We had a dream for us and all the children.

The dream is stereolab broadcast in air waves.
Belle and sebastian hold the candle.
Luna is not just stuck in chinatown.
Make up a cure in july ride what you will.
‘Cause this world party echoes there in our hearts.
We’re all guided, guided by voices.
Track Name: I Saw You
I saw you

I saw you just yesterday.
Your eyes were all hidden away.
Your lips took on different shades.
As you said that I should stay.

You said exactly what you say.
Blue skies all, all day.
And you were looking oh so pale.
Beautiful as always been your way.

You remind me of summer days.
My smile in your shades.
And you felt just like a holiday.
So we stayed all, all day.
As your lips took on different shades.
Ohha ha sunny days.

Well, I love, oh love you.
And all the crazy things we do.
And I, no it’s you.
Beautiful, it’s always been you.
Track Name: Landing on the Moon
Landing on the Moon

Would you like to know what it feels like to be little.
Were you even there the day we landed on the moon.
Facing ourselves back to the infinite middle.
Should it forever change the way to be with you.

Are you afraid,
Of the simple light?
Are you afraid,
Of the special light?

Wanted to celebrate on that very special day.
When I realized that there’s just no way.
That we’ll ever get a chance to land on the moon.
Should that change the way I dance with you.

So ... How does it feel?
Track Name: Mixed

I’ve never been afraid of you.
And all the beautiful things that I can do with you.
I’ll always find you so ...
I’ll always kiss you so ...

Deep ...
I love you.
I’m in touch with you.

Everyone is so afraid of you.
They spend all of their time running away from you.
But I’ll always be with you so ...
I’ll always kiss you so ...

Deep ...
I love you.
I’m in touch with you.

Everyone is so afraid of you.
But I will always stay with you so ...
Deep ...
Track Name: New Love II
New Love II

Although you’re not in love,
You think it’s good enough.
Now careful watch your step,
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Those people in your life,
They don’t seem quite right.
They try to steal your dreams,
We’ll show you what it means.
Just listen to your heart,
Or are you there to play a part.
Where you could fall so deep in love,
And then they’ll think it’s good enough.

Your heart was shutting down,
But you’ve turned that all around.
And now your eyes are clear,
Just as the sun is here.
But the world goes round and round.
Now you’re up but you’ll be coming down,
Or you could fall so deep in love,
And then they’d think it’s good enough for us.
Track Name: Going Down
Going Down

Going down to that place, at the end of our street.
Walk in to some hippy music, oh way to be.
Walk in further to see so many heads, down there by the bar.
It’s some kind of place, people are so pretty ...
Well, you know they are.

Order a drink from a friendly face, oh just to be.
At the bar there seems to be no place, but hold on there’s a seat.
Music talking straight to my soul, and then you meet.
The most beautiful people everywhere, you know it’s just ...
In the air.

I wonder if I met you there, or was it just a dream.
You had something in your greasy hair, ah way to pretty.
Then you said you were free to be.
Took a sip and realized it’s the only ...
Way to be.

Just a dream.
A dream.
A dream for you and me.
It’s just a dream.
Track Name: Lazy and High
Lazy and High

Lazy, lazy and high,
I thought that your dreams landed past this time.
You’re so lazy, lazy and high.
I thought that your dreams landed past this time.

All that you are.
And all that you do.
It’s way beyond you.

Straight up, straight up and down.
I’ve seen your kind around.
And I thought that you said you were moving on.
Well open up wide and you’re coming around.

I know how you feel.
Your life’s running on.
It’s ticking around you.

And I see you.

I see in your eyes.
Way up, way up high.
I see what you see, in your eyes.
So look up to the skies.
Track Name: Touched

Should I tell you just what, that I mean.
Could it be as simple, as seeing.
Should you tell me just where, we’ve all been.
Cause it’s the same as, you leaving.

You know what I mean.
Who you being.

There’s always a big crowd, around me.
But now you’re the only one, that I see.
Surfing over there, in the sound waves.
You lifted your glass, to me.

Oh you ... Come on let’s go ...

I pointed directly, right at you.
And you smiled all over, towards me too.
Although I have never, really met you.
I am going to, somehow touch you.

You know what I mean.
Let’s blow this scene.

Tonight I am falling, right with you.
And you should forget, this scene too.
You’re so beautiful and, we are dancing.
Touched each other cause, we want, to be touched

I wanna be touched ...
I wanna be spun ...
I wanna have fun ...

Can you hear what I’m saying.
Is it too much to ask these days.
Is there any bloody sense in your ways.
I just wanna have some fun these days.
Why is your head in such a haze.
Don’t you feel it all around you these days.
These days ...
Track Name: Fantasy

Jumped out of my swollen dreams,
To be a part of what I see.
Sleeping touching every night,
As she lay there beside me.

To be a fan, ha, to see.

Jumped out of our soft warm sleep,
To be a part of reality.
She just wanted to really be,
As she walked there beside me.

To be a fan, ha, just too see.

Jumped out of reality,
To take my life and what’s to be.
No longer just fantasy,
As she became a part of me.

To be a part of what I see.
To be that part of my reality.
To be a fan, oh just to see.
To be a part of my fantasy.
Track Name: Circles

I saw you playing all day
I saw you praying all day ...

I love you
Over and over again ...
Track Name: Happiness

Happiness is a guarantee. Won’t you go down there with me.
Happiness is a guarantee. Come on baby, can’t you see.
Happiness is a guarantee.
It’s so easy, can’t you see.
In the street and of the sky,
Your painting pictures and you wonder why.

Happiness is a guarantee. One, two, three, for you and me.
Happiness is a guarantee. Honey, honey, won’t you fly there with me.
Happiness is a guarantee,
Don’t suppose you’d be coming with me.
Being cool instead of being high,
Their taking pictures and you wonder why.
Happiness is a guarantee.
It’s so easy baby can’t you see.
You walk the streets and I’ll walk the sky.
Come on baby, don’t you wonder why.

Happiness ,,, can’t you see.
That happiness ,,, it’s for you and me.
Happiness ,,, Won’t you give it a try.
Happiness ,,, Why even wonder why.